Being Proactive – The Essential Soft Skill

In 2011 I learnt a very valuable lesson. In fact, I think it may have been the defining point in my career and one that set me off on a much more proactive methodology about my work. I can remember it like it was yesterday because it’s the point where I felt like a complete […]

Time management tools and techniques – essential tips to give yourself more time

You’ve got actions and tasks flying at you from all directions right? You always seem to be the go to person for anything and everything. Your organiser gets full on a daily basis and you often don’t know how you find the time to get through the day. Sometimes you are working longer hours, giving […]

Soft skills vs hard skills. The importance of soft skills in today’s market.

So what are soft skills and what is the difference between soft skills and hard skills? In a nutshell, soft skills are how you behave at work and hard skills are what you know about work. Soft skills are your personality traits, hard skills are the technical knowledge around your profession to be able to […]


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Hi, I’m Dan. After many jobs and experiences I firmly believe I have found my passion in being able to inspire and lead various people and teams. I have owned my own business very early in my career, I have made mistakes, I have worked in various industries. When it comes to soft skills in each, I have always tried new methodology found out what works and what doesn’t. I have listened and watched intently on interactions and reactions, I read books from various authors on psychology, leadership and business. I wanted to start writing my thoughts, experiences and techniques I like. Guide others and receive feedback from people like you.

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